Beyond the body and mind we are Atman (Soul). Meditation is the art of observing, realising and merging the body and mind with the Atman. Ultimately the Yogi wishes to merge the Atman (individual soul) with the Paramatma (Universal Consciousness).

An essential principle of Yoga is to utilise asanas and pranayama practices to prepare the body and mind for meditation, which is the path of Raja Yoga (King Yoga). Dhyana (meditation) is about immersing our consciousness into one of the infinite aspects of the Divine; which are Bliss, Truth, Joy, Compassion, Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Humbleness among the other virtuous
moral values.

Through an authentic meditative practice, we cultivate a clear relationship with our true self. Additionally, meditation helps us not only to calm our mind but also to boost our immune system. With continued practice meditation improves all aspects of our life, and our relation to the world. Through meditation we can learn to elevate our energy beyond the destructive patterns of stress, depression, anxiety or addictions. Ultimately leaving us feeling completely content and complete within ourselves.

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